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Technical Instructor I (Medical Logistics Specialist) / Medical Logistics Specialist Program

Technical Instructor I (Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Specialist
Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Specialist Program
United States Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)
Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Perform the duties and tasks of an Instructor and subject matter expert (SME) for the Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Specialist Program in a manner that establishes and maintains a good learning and working environment, including assisting in developing and revising of any/all necessary instructional materials, instructing students, administering the course, in concert and coordination with Government instructors (i.e. training team), and according to criteria and guidance established by the

Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) and Program Director.

Assist in development and updating instructional materials (such as lesson plans, student notes with illustrations, visual aids, and examinations) incorporating current technical subject matter, Department of Defense (DoD doctrine, policies, guidelines, lessons learned, and current work practices into the instructional materials and training program in accordance with the Program of Instruction (POI), policies, and guidelines provided.

Conduct classroom and laboratory instruction (i.e., teach) of any/all lesson topics in the courses using the approved course materials and methods that are likely to ensure that students meet established learning objectives. Prepare cases, set up, and administer/conduct practical exercises. Assist in development, set up, administer, and grade written and practical examinations as well as perform appropriate statistical analysis on exam results in accordance with the policies and guidelines provided.

Instruction may be conducted in a virtual environment over the internet using programs such as Blackboard, Microsoft TEAMS, ZOOM, or other virtual enhancement programs. This may require monitoring and responding to questions or message board information/requests.

Provide SME support/technical support:

Provide SME support to Computer-/Web-Based Component of the course. instructional designers and programmers developing interactive multimedia for Phase

1 of this course. This will take approximately 12% of non-podium time.

Provide SME/scientific technical support that is technically accurate, insightful, and creative; contribute to technical scientific discussions in a manner that is a positive
contribution to group/teamwork.

Perform course administrative functions including maintaining student and course administrative records, organizing training materials, and identifying supply needs.

Perform typical training logistics activities such as using supplies and equipment in accordance with Plan of Instruction, maintaining the order and cleanliness of the
training facility as needed and assisting with setting up and moving furniture and equipment within the facility.

Special Qualifications and Certifications:
The SME must have:

Preferred a minimum two (2) years of academic and experiential qualifications and backgrounds (identified in documented descriptions of roles and responsibilities) that
are necessary to meet program objectives and the mission of the institution. Documented expertise in their area(s) of teaching responsibility and knowledge of the
content delivery method (e.g., distance learning). Evidence of expertise in teaching assignments might include documentation of continuing professional development,
relevant experience, faculty development plan reflecting acquisition of new content, incorporation of feedback from course evaluations, and other sources.

Be able to stand and walk around classroom/laboratory for two (2) hours continuously and intermittently for two (2) hours.

Minimum Two (2) years of experience as an Army MEDLOG Specialist.

An associate degree or higher, preferably in logistics, but not mandatory. Instructor must hold an associate degree awarded by an institution that is accredited by a recognized institutional accrediting agency and must have a minimum of two (2) years of full-time experience in Army MEDLOG.